Subject: Re: sometimes license discussions are inevitable
From: Crispin Cowan <>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 04:51:56 +0000

Russell Nelson wrote:

> Crispin Cowan writes:
>  > charter, except that you're not allowed to debate the merrits of GPL vs. BSD
>  > licensing.
> The problem is that there are sound business reasons why you might
> choose one or the other, and we certainly shouldn't prohibit
> discussion of *that*.

While I agree with this in principle, it seems that BSD and GPL zealots are
something like alcoholics:  they can't imbibe in just a *little* bit of advocacy,
they have to pummel the point into the ground.  I'm open to suggestions of how to
put a multi-valued control on how much license advocacy goes on, but the only
limit I currently believe can be made effective is a boolean limit.

Of course, if the current pointless GPL/BSD bickering dies down, I will be more
convinced :-)

Crispin Cowan, CTO, WireX Communications, Inc.
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