Subject: Free Model Foundation
From: Michael Tiemann <>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 14:04:49 GMT

This is the first paragraph of an article appearing on the front page of
EE Times last week.  EE Times is equivalent of the Wall Street Journal
for about 120,000 engineers and managers.

Group Eyes `free' VHDL sim models
by Richard Goering

Manhattan Beach, Calif.--Taking their cur from the renegade Free
Software Foundation, a group of EDA users has launched the Free Model
Foundation (FMF), a not-for-profit corporation that hopes to provide
free, unencrypted, source-code simulation models over the Internet.  If
successful, this fledgling orgnaization could change the way
component-simulation models are created and distributed.

See for more information.


P.S.  This is from one of their WWW pages

The Free Model Foundation can help by providing simulation models of
your digital components at no charge to your customers. You fund the
initial development, we create the models and distribute them to your
customers via the internet. All models are copyrighted under the GNU
General Public License to ensure that they remain freely available.