Subject: Re: Here's a-what I'm a-gonna do.
From: Mike Stump <>
Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 11:25:26 -0700

Yes, things yet a little sticky when you try and vend small pieces,
and/or front the work yourself (before you take in your dev expenses
and lots of profit).  If one wants to do GPLed code, it is much easier
if one gets the money up front.

Having said that, you might try making it non-free to recover costs,
charging as much as you can as you go.  After you make enough money on
it, then can move it over to GPL.

Maybe you can strike a deal with them, that says, if you can move X
units of hardware in a given time period, then they will give you Y
dollars.  The might be willing to be shown that that people want it,
and it will increase the value of their product to the Linux
marketplace.  Maybe you can get a sliding amount out of them, the
bigger your sales, the bigger they give you.

Anyway, you probably have thought of these already, but just in case
you didn't...