Subject: Re: the value chain
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 10 Dec 1999 10:44:51 -0500

   Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 15:12:01 +0100
   From: Bernard Lang <>

   Service is important, but you do not become rich on service ... you
   have to feed people.

   The way to be rich, like the robber baron of the middle-age, or more
   recent times, is to control an important passageway and to force
   everyone to pay toll.

But, as people often point out, lawyers become rich purely on service.
Their data is free to all.

A lawyer must pass the bar exam in order to practice law in front of a
court (at least in the U.S.), but most lawyer's work is not in court,
and could, in principle, be done by anyone.

Legal data has become too complex to understand through the accretion
of centuries (and some would say deliberate obfuscation).  Computer
programs start out too complex to understand.

I think it's hard to become rich controlling data you don't create
yourself.  Information wants to be free.