Subject: Re: Here's a-what I'm a-gonna do.
Date: 11 Jun 1996 03:24:20 -0000

Brian J. Fox writes:

 > This is all well and good, but what I don't understand is why you feel
 > compelled to make the driver for this hardware proprietery.  If the
 > item you are writing a driver for is neat enough for me to want to buy
 > it, and you are charging the same as anyone else who is selling it,
 > I'll buy it from you, because I know that you are one in the best
 > position to deliver the newest and best driver for this product.
 > If somebody else makes this same piece of hardware in the future
 > (perhaps breaking some patent on the device?) they will almost
 > definitely come to you to make the driver for this hardware; after
 > all, you'll be the expert in this field, right?

Yes, I think that both of these points, plus the free advertising
that comes of giving away your software, are sufficient for me to
make the driver GPL'ed.

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