Subject: Re: Pitching a "Big Tent" for Open Source
From: DJ Delorie <>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 11:56:13 -0500

> I am writing now in an attempt to engage some portion of the FSB
> list in a discussion of these ideas, with two aims in mind:

I started a similar discussion a year or so ago on the DJGPP project
list.  DJGPP is mature, but it's OS (dos) is being phased out, so I
started a discussion about where to go with our development group and
the project.

The second-to-last example in the second post is the one relevent to
this thread (text appended), but there wasn't much follow up on it.

Example: The DJGPP community is, IMNSHO (in my not-so-humble opinion)
a *great* community.  Everyone works together *very* well (kudos to
you all) and we've done some big projects together with little hassle.
This is not normal for the Internet.  Some problems I've seen others
notice: matching projects with developers, putting the finishing
touches on projects, coordination, infighting, loss of interest.  I
think our community works together better most, even better than some
companies.  Why not act like a company?  We could be the first
net-based moneyless real virtual company.  We could have a real org
chart (something most net development groups don't have), real
schedules and commitments (ditto), standards for "finishing and
polishing" projects, and maybe real marketing/sales/admin groups.  It
would be an interesting experiment to see *if* it works - we'd have to
avoid dealing with money at first, but that's what we do now.  If it
did work, we could leverage our success to pull in development
contracts and maybe make some *real* money, or at least get around to
some of those projects that are languishing on the net for lack of
interest ;-)