Subject: Re: Here's a-what I'm a-gonna do.
From: Chris Maeda <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 02:26:38 PDT

At 01:52 AM 6/11/96 PDT, John Gilmore wrote:
>It sometimes takes an essential goodness-of-spirit to work on free
>software; a belief that the world is at root a good place and that if
>we all cooperate it will get even better.  When you see an apparent
>conflict between that and survival fears, my recommendation is to
>stretch your understanding of the nature of the world, and the nature
>of survival, if you can, rather than to become meaner (stingier) in
>spirit.  I just nursed another friend through an attack of
>mean-spiritedness, and we found a much better path than by chucking
>the free software nature of their product.

That's beautiful, John.  But it's hardly a rational economic argument.