Subject: Re: k3w1 linux job with ... (fwd)
From: Jean Camp <>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 13:39:45 -0500

I think Mircosoft will offer its own Linux release (call it "linix"?)  and
pollute the marketplace with joy and abandon if the company can rid itself
of the oh-so-annoying DoJ.  And it is reasonable to plan for such an
outsome, as no doubt George Dubya will end all DoJ action if elected.

Also--  it is quite believable that since the software is free but not
GPL'd --  the somewhat stable Windows 2000 may use a good bit of the code.
It's good to now what is around to appropriate.


At 11:38 AM -0500 12/13/99, Jonathan Magid wrote:
>This is bizarre. Mickeysoft is searching for a Linux product manager. Any
>guesses on what this is about? Perhaps, it's just an advocacy position
>whose job it is to "debunk" linux...
>Primary responsibilities include developing and executing Microsoft's
>Linux strategy, providing competitive technical analysis of the Linux
>operating system, coordinating and driving cross-company Linux efforts and
>providing the necessary tools and resources to educate the field sales
>force on Linux. This is a key position within Microsoft with very high
>visibility, both within and outside the company. The ideal candidate will
>have solid technical skills in both Unix and/or Linux and Windows NT,
>extensive knowledge of the Unix marketplace, a minimum of two years
>experience in a product marketing role, excellent PR and public speaking
>skills and a proven ability to manage both people and processes to drive
>projects to completion. A BA/BS degree and an MBA or equivalent experience
>Job Location: Redmond, Washington