Subject: Re: Order entry application user group
From: Jean Camp <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 21:09:43 -0500

>Let's imagine Tim's project will cost $100K for the highest value
>programmers he can find to work on it.  Will your incentive and
>contractual system work when the payments are $10K, made by the most
>profit-maximizing, free-rider-dumping payers out there?
Maybe this is the appropriate role of universities or emerging educational
networks.  Nothing is really boring when you are learning.

(( I am having an idea where is a patent lawyer? QUICK!))

Seriously working on these principles:
1. teaching is the best way to learn
2. learning to code is quite valuable
3. there is a need for some formal widely-recognized certification method
so that contributions to open source can be immediately made valuable in
the form of reputation

Would it be possible to build open source to the point of being
"interesting" by using effectively an educational pyramid scheme? N
supervises the trivial time-consuming programming of a class full of O, M
supervises a class full of N and so on to A, where what the 'developers'
from each subclass get is certification of belonging to the higher class
after completing some successful element of the project.

There is at least one open source software training program. Perhaps the
sheer reputational power of some of the people on this list could make such
a scheme a reality. Maybe a big set of javascript forms and cgi scripts are
boring to y'all  but there are plenty of people paying to learn the stuff
and their efforts are not being turned to anything useful -- write another
form to enter the date......

Is this reasonable or do I just need sleep?