Subject: Re: Ariba - open?
From: (Kirrily 'Skud' Robert)
Date: 27 Jan 2000 11:23:21 GMT

In article <>, Ben Laurie wrote:
>Don't count on it. I've got staff, and they're a pain. You can spend
>whole days doing nothing but office admin crap. Luckily I've now got to
>the stage where I have enough staff that I can delegate the "looking
>after the staff" task to the staff. Mostly. Took years to get there,

Hear hear.

Today's timesheet:

9am: 	Xen projectish stuff
10am:	crud (email etc)
noon:	sales
1pm:	lunch
2pm: 	miscellaneous small stuff
3pm:	interview potential new trainer
5pm: 	miscellaneous small stuff
6pm:	management meeting
8pm:	freshmeat, usenet, email, and random sysadmin
10pm:	nag techies to do docbook stylesheet patches, post to FSB

See any code there?  Feh.  4 hours in meetings.  And all that "misc"
stuff was things like fiddling with spreadsheets, setting up mailing
lists, and whatnot.  Actually, I did spend 15 minutes playing with
Megahal round lunchtime.  That was good.

When we get another ummmm 4 staff or so, I might get time to do some
stuff for myself.  But that's not until at least late March.



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