Subject: It's good to be good...
Date: 13 Jun 1996 20:22:02 -0000

Chris Maeda writes:

 > I think it's great that Cygnus has a viable free software business.
 > But it's viable because embedded development tools are a special niche
 > and other people wrote a lot of your software for you.  How do you get
 > a piece of free software to market starting from scratch?

Maybe Peter will chime in at this point, but his FPL (Free Public
License) makes this possible.  No, it's not completely free software,
but it makes a certain perverse sense.  If you stick with free
software, Ghostscript is free.  If you try to make money off
proprietary restrictions on even part of your software, Ghostscript
costs you money.

And from my own experience, I can say that, had I licensed packet
drivers with the FPL, I would be a millionaire now.  And as such, I
could devote my time to writing free software without the need to make
a buck.

I'm never going to use the GPL again -- it's the FPL for me.

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