Subject: FPL vs. GPL -- is it worth an article?
Date: 14 Jun 1996 11:25:52 -0000

Phil Hughes writes:
 > Guess it is my turn to say something here.  Actually, maybe too late but
 > it needs to be said.  We are about to publish an article in Linux Journal
 > on software licenses.  It compares the BSD, GPL, ...  But it doesn't talk
 > about the FPL.  What do people think?  Should we include the FPL?  Peter:
 > would you be willing to write about it?  Should we hold the licenses
 > article and add it or would it make more sense to do an FPL vs. GPL
 > article in a future issue?

You should definitely write about it, but I couldn't tell you which
article it should appear in.  The FPL produces arguably *less*-free
software than the GPL (and BSD-ites argue that the GPL is less free
than the BSD license), but it accommodates free software users very
well; has an exception for free software distributors; and nicely
solves the problem of free software creation that Chris has pointed

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