Subject: Re: FPL vs. GPL -- is it worth an article?
From: Ken Olstad <>
Date: 14 Jun 1996 08:06:08 -0500

Phil> We are about to publish an article in Linux Journal on software
Phil> licenses.  It compares the BSD, GPL, ...  But it doesn't talk
Phil> about the FPL.  What do people think?  Should we include the
Phil> FPL?  Peter: would you be willing to write about it?

Are you aware of the paper Peter gave at the free software conference
this past February, "Licensing Alternatives for Freely Redistributable
Software"?  The FSF (Free Software Foundation, 59 Temple Place, Suite
330, Boston, MA 02111) sells copies of the proceedings, including this
paper, for $25.
Ken Olstad <>                      Burnsville, MN, USA