Subject: Re: Open Source in E-Commerce
From: "William C. Cheng" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 23:45:24 -0500

  Crispin Cowan <> wrote:
  | > wrote:
  | >   | You will have to
  | >   | trust me when I say that lack of ability is not among those reasons...
  | >
  | > >From the nonsense you've been saying, why should anyone "have to
  | > trust you"?  Because you said so?  I have heard from too many
  | > people with dismo ability using that as a reason why people should
  | > believe them.
  | > --
  | > Bill Cheng // <URL:>
  | Hang on now; this personal attack seems uncalled for.

And categorically attack a whole group is called for?

  | And with your
  | home page claiming that you have had 5 publications in 11 years, I
  | don't see that you have that much standing to be so critical.

Um... I was busy doing a start up.  I'm trying to get my academic
career started these days...

I have good standing to be critical of what he said (regardless of
my publication record).  I found what he said was nonsensical.  The
way he said it reminded me of this story about a frog that lives at
the bottom of a well and thinks that he's the king of the world.

  | Tilly's characterizations of math academia seem entirely credible
  | to me:  they are quite consistent with my experience in CS
  | academia.

Why don't you too just have a private party celebrating the fact
that you share the same point of view?  Speak for yourself and keep
it to yourself if you want to degrade a whole category of people.

  | Lets try and stay civilized here.

Even if you find his nonsense agreeable, why do you have to publically
degrade people in academia?  Please be civilized yourself.
Bill Cheng // <URL:>