Subject: Re: Open Source in E-Commerce
From: "William C. Cheng" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 08:17:00 -0500

  Crispin Cowan <> wrote:
  | "William C. Cheng" wrote:
  | >   | Hang on now; this personal attack seems uncalled for.

What personal attack are you referring to!?

  | > And categorically attack a whole group is called for?
  | What categorical attack are you referring to?

(You see, 2 can play this stupid game.)

  | >   | Tilly's characterizations of math academia seem entirely credible
  | >   | to me:  they are quite consistent with my experience in CS
  | >   | academia.
  | > Why don't you too just have a private party celebrating the fact
  | > that you share the same point of view?  Speak for yourself and keep
  | > it to yourself if you want to degrade a whole category of people.
  | Non sequetor.  I *am* speaking for myself.
  | No one has degraded a whole category of people.
  | I've been a post doc or a professor for 5 years,
  | and Tilly's characterization is accurate in my experience.  I'm sorry
  | if you find it disappointing that the reality of academia doesn't live
  | up to your expectations.

My experence has been entirely different.  I see that you do publish
with some good people.  I'm sorry if you find it disapointing in

  | If you can't deal with that, then you'll find *real* academic pressure very
  | difficult to deal with.

If Ben only said that, "yeah, academic pressure is very difficult to
deal with", we won't even been having this, well, whatever this is.

  | >   | Lets try and stay civilized here.
  | > Even if you find his nonsense agreeable, why do you have to publically
  | > degrade people in academia?  Please be civilized yourself.
  | I *am* in academia, and I don't feel degraded.  That's the point:
  | it is *not* a degrading stereotype, it is an accurate charcterization.

So, you can just degrade a category full of people just because you
feel that you have some experience to justify it?  What day and age
are we in?

  | ObFSB:  would FSB proprietors feel "maligned" if someone characterized
  | their marketing activities through personal networking as "establish
  | connections of value to their future careers and can guide the subject
  | in ways that benefit the clique that they are in"?  If so, why?  If
  | not, then why is it "maligning" to characterize
  | academic networking like that?

This is exactly my point.  If you discuss FSB issues here, you won't
hear a thing from me.  If Ben and you go degrade academic types in
misc.bash.academia, I'm all for it.

  | Crispin, who is perhaps too practical for academia :-)

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