Subject: Re: Mindshare (was: pissing match^W Open Source in E-Commerce)
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 17:17:09 -0500

Crispin Cowan wrote:
>If you're tired of the pissing match, skip down to the bottom where there's some
>stuff actually related to FSB.

Gee, why would we be tired of that? :-)

>Again returning to FSBs:  there's LOTS of free software projects, and only a few
>of them get large mindshare.  Without large mindshare, the vaunted "bazaar"
>effect doesn't happen.  What are the important characteristics & activities that
>lead to enlarged mindshare for one's free software project?

Well for Larry Wall's answer skip to "resisted":

To get mindshare you need to make people aware of why they want to use
your stuff, help them use it, make it clear how to contribute...

Today a lot of the mechanics are taken care of if you just use
SourceForge.  However if your goal is to build an FSB around it, you
might not want to go that way because you lose an excellent chance for
branding the product.  Additionally if your aim is to get VC, you
definitely want to track how many downloads you have.  Right now easy
access is a goal that conflicts with keeping track of what is going on.
The latter matters to VC, for brand-name identification with the FSB,
and for being able to take advantage of some additional types of

How much that matters will depend on your business model...