Subject: Re: Patents and Amazon?
From: Jean Camp <>
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 10:09:19 -0500

>Part of what needs to change is that we need to establish a milieu in
>which searches of non-patent prior art are taken seriously, but then we
>need to make it easier and cheaper to do those searches.  A document
>base like the ACM's, which asks for $5 per document retrieved, just
>isn't going to cut it.

The ACM and IEEE might offer free copies of articles to the patent office.
Both the ACM and the IEEE opposed the DMCA and are struggling to find ways
to deal with digital information and offer leadership to other publishers.
An open letter to those organizations may fall on receptive ears.

Perhpas a resonable  idea is developing a platform where someone can search
and then send the paper/cite  or previous art as a comment to the
appropriate patent examiner -- if the paper is in the IEEE/ACM db's then
the papers could only be sent to the patent office domain without charges.
-- It's a thought.   Then the databases of  previous work would be kept up
for the purpose of serving the organizations and the contribution of
digital copies to the patent examiners would have low marginal costs.

Head of IEEE Policy group: Mark Pullen <>,
Head of ACM Policy group: Spaf at Purdue <spaf@CERIAS.PURDUE.EDU>

If you would cc this group or announce the sending of any such letter I
would  very much appreciate it.