Subject: Re: Starting out on the road
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 12:12:19 -0500

My take?

Don't do a distribution.  That would have been a good thing a while ago,
but that space is getting filled.

One thing that successful businesses do is sharply differentiate themselves
from possible competitors.  Look for a niche that needs filling but is not
currently filled.  Here are a few ideas.

A lot of people have cable-modems.  Not a lot of them are secure.  Very few
people have the skills to secure their machines.  A drop-in firewall
product designed for the home user is a possible winner.

Linux is smoothly multi-user and is getting a lot of applications.  There
are options to view something running on Linux on Windows.  For instance
with appropriate patches VNC could be modified so that you connect to a
central server, it initializes your permanent server and connects you to
it.  Create an infrastructure like this and set up a consulting business
around setting up and maintaining application servers in a corporate

Training is always fun.  There is a big need for Linux and Perl training.
Perhaps a business based on that?

Whatever you do, make sure you have on board people who understand