Subject: Re: fixing bugs....
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 09:20:48 -0500

Keith wrote:
> Finally, well, OK, but remember, you brought the subject up, I didn't.
> One of our sales guys sent around the following email last month:
>   From: XXX YYY <>
>   Subject: Re: Berkeley DB support
>   I am sorry to say that we have decided not to purchase a support
>   for your Berkeley DB software.  It was thought to be too expensive for
>   product that works so well.


Well a lot of free software projects find it easier to just not
document and then write the O'Reilly book. :-)

Unfortunately you already have pretty nice documentation.

May I suggest that you think about an inherently confusing add in?  I
do not mean that you write an add-in and make it confusing.  I mean
that you enter a closely related space (eg compete with BEA's
transaction manager) where the field is such that people like to create
complex and messy projects.  Create good software, and make a point of
offering consulting services to people trying to get their systems