Subject: selecting open source
From: Jean Camp <>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 15:05:54 -0500

This is a real business question. Based on the idea that open source in
some places is appropriate for nearly all businesses.

Suppose a company was in a good position to set up a B2B hub for a
particular industry. They are NOT interested in being a software company,
but rather a destination. The interest of this company is to enable legacy
databases and current databases of all types to interact with their (the
company's) database.  Since the company's primary market differentiator is
trust providing an  open source  solution for the feed from suppliers
databases to the market integrator's database   would make sense. It would
have to be industry-specifc and compliant with the appropriate XML

Thus the ideal would be to have a software company do the programming and
license the software. A cooperative agreement as well as a development
contract.  What OS companies exist to do this? Sleepycat I would guess

Would there be an inital time-to-market advantage or (as I suppose) would
the increased quality expectations of open source result in a longer
development time?

Would the open source nature of the final product result in increased
development cost or decreased development cost, given the fact that the
final product must be worthy of examination?