Subject: Re: Differing IP laws
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 14:35:36 +0900 (JST)

>>>>> "Elaine" == Elaine -HFB- Ashton <> writes:

    Elaine> The medium of the physical book simply seems to be lacking
    Elaine> in such a rapidly changing environment and examining
    Elaine> different ways this might be done better is
    Elaine> interesting. It may not sell now, but in 20 or 30 years it
    Elaine> might.

Agreed.  But the medium is lacking because it can't keep up with
content.  "Talking Books" doesn't address that; that kind of thing is
best suited to the classic problem of instructing the novitiate in the
Eternal Truths.

If publishers are going to rule the dynamic content industry as they
have the static content industry, they need to find a way to control,
brand, and provide quality assurance for the dynamic content.  That's
what publishers do.

This is not going to be achieved by improving the presentation, of
static or dynamic content.  Improving presentation is a worthy goal,
but we know how to do that, as you've already made several
suggestions.  What would be interesting is if there were synergies
between the technology for improving presentation and the technology
of content quality assurance.

That's what I don't see, as yet.

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