Subject: Re: Differing IP laws
From: Jean Camp <>
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 11:51:29 -0500

Does not all the discussion of branding and trust of code apply here to

Would you download froma RAussian website what you could get from O'reilly?
Who would? Is this a significant part of ORA market? MIT and Harvard put cs
courses on the web, does that advertise the (strength of and existence of
respectively) the courses or does it decrease the desire of individuals who
will pay tuition?

The question is not so much "are the Russians stealing?"  (A: of course)
The question is, does this theft add or subtract from ORA in the near,
medium, and long term.

near term:
no loss for ORA -- people who would download would either borrow from a
library or (in Russia) not have the money

large loss for ORA -- requires a high degree of willingness of customers to
substitute a print-out  or searchable site for a book

medium term:
no loss -- controversy creates attention span for ORA

large loss -- increasing piracy of ORA texts

long term:
no loss- no loss as seen in near term coninues indefinitely, or Russian
site offers bastardized versions

large loss - increasing piracy, decreasing market

best regards,