Subject: Re: In defense of the market
From: "Mark Rauterkus" <mrauterkus@SportSurf.Net>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 09:21:42 -0400

Hi All,

Russ wrote something I greatly agree with:
> Defense of the free market should be JOB#1 for
> businessmen -- in particular free software businessmen.  Without it we
> have nothing.

Right on -- with one new wrinkle to come below!

And Brian wrote:
 > I think of "civilization" as the weak organizing to constrain the
> strong.  Civilization is fundamentally socialism; warlords don't need
> help from government.  However, in the system of civilization I'd like
> to live under, the limits on the strong are weak enough that the
> system is labeled Libertarianism.

Leaving labels aside --- here come's my QUESTION to ponder in public.

Shouldn't a top JOB for the business folks be to insure that those in
governmental offices place a high priority on the Free Market?

Case in point: I'm seeing the government folks (Here in Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
such as the Mayor greatly damage the free-market with governmental money for
development efforts.

The Mayor's office is helping to determine what business gets grants, money
and property for development. Nearly 1/6th of our core city space (downtown)
is going to be taken by emenit domain -- and made into an urban mall with
18-screen cinema, upscale department store, entertainment and shopping
areas. Other corporate folks have been able to expand into new sites
recently too from baseball and football stadiums, to Seagate, to Alcoa, to a
medical center and such. Those deals are very attractive. Case in point:
Pittsburgh Pirates play in new stadium for $100K rent each year and Lazarus
department store lives RENT FREE as it only grossed $20M in annual sales,
not $41M.

So, my big point to deal with is the fact that warlords don't need help from
government -- but government can be a warlord! Ouch! What happens when
"civilization" is the strong organizing to retain powers?

And, now -- with the divide of weath and powers going more and more to a
bi-polar directions -- strong gets stronger and weak weaker -- there is a
huge issue with what side governmental folk side with. Yes????

So, new wrinkle.... The #1JOB for businessman is to make money for the
company. So, for them to turn a blind eye to a deal that gets them
governmental money and hurts the free-markets is hard to do. The #2 job is
to insure that the defense of the FREE Market is held in HIGH REGARD by
elected officials. The #3 job is to insure that the defense of the FREE
Market is working in business areas.

Defense of the free market is very important, no doubt. But, can corporate
leaders expect that defense be greater than their own

Reactions welcomed!


Mark Rauterkus