Subject: Re: FSBs and client-server
From: Lynn Winebarger <>
Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 11:57:17 -0500 (EST)

On Sat, 27 May 2000, Kevin S. Van Horn wrote:

> > As a society, we make choices about how we want our society to work.
> Sorry, but societies don't make choices.  Individuals do.  And the many
    I disagree.  I'd say laws are an example of a societal choice. 
> > Government is the tool through which such choices are made.
> This is a pretty narrow view of human society -- that all choices about how
> society works are made through the government.  The reality is quite
    Ok, I should have said "a tool", rather than "the tool".  The IETF is
just another example of a government.  Language use - an example of
self/natural governance.
    If you think government is just some external force acting on us
without our consent, I'd have to say yours is the limited view.

> eat at a restaurant, yet most people do so anyway.  Advocates of libre
> software are changing the way one part of our society works, without any help
> from government.

   Au contraire.  Any licensed free software _is_ getting help from the
government in enforcing the license.  It's called copyright law.  Even if
copyright law as we now know it were abolished, enforcing compliance with
the terms in those licenses would require some enforcement mechanism.

> In reality, how society works is decided by the countless separate decisions
> made by individuals every day, each pursuing his or her own goals.  It's just
     And in reality, all the neurons in my brain make countless separate
decisions.  Would you therefore claim "I" don't make choices?