Subject: Market Forces and Free Software
Date: 22 Sep 1996 03:13:46 -0000

Hey David!  You left the best part of your message for the last.  Let
me excerpt it for anyone who missed it:

David Fickes writes:
 > Unfortunately, UNIX and the freeware community is appears to be
 > made up of software engineers and technicians who are opinionated
 > "know-it-alls" who don't understand -- marketing.

I had an amusing conversation with a FreeBSD zealot who had lots to
say about how terrible Linux was.  My point, made to (and missed by)
him, was that Linux has much better marketing behind it than FreeBSD.
As long as that prevails, FreeBSD will be very much the niche OS.

And I agree that the same point applies to Linux vs the rest of the
world (which is to say, Microsoft).

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