Subject: Re: Free Software and the Fortune 250
From: Chip Mefford <>
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2000 07:31:35 -0400


This may have been convered in detail before, but  I think that
all anyone really need do is take a critical look at UCITA.
I live and work in a UCITA state, I have temper tantrums whenever
someone suggests adopting software that ISN'T GPLed.

The reasons are obvious to anyone who has read the UCITA document in
it's entirety. By adopting software under current use agreements coupled
with the wording of UCITA, you are opening your company up to horrible

 >Frank Hecker wrote:
->> Relevant stuff snipped
 >> However I agree that that should be
 >> a last resort, and that you should first just test the customer's
 >> willingness to accept the GPL.

 >Heh.  Better than that.

 >Present them with an alternative with per client licensing, charges
 >for upgrades,

->Relevant stuff snipped

 >Perhaps then they will understand the point of the GPL?