Subject: Re: Book referral
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 17:01:29 -0500

"Karsten M. Self" wrote:
> Brian Bartholomew wrote:
> >
> > > There is an anthology of decisionmaking behavior (individual and
> > > group) that I've been meaning to mention for months now.  I don't
> > > have it in front of me now.  Please feel free to box me 'round the
> > > ears if I don't mention the title.  There's much coverage of issues
> > > such as what Stephen mentions above, as well as others I found
> > > highly relevant to how free software operates.
> >
> > What's the title?
While I am certain you are speaking of "Extraordinary Popular Delusions
and the Madness of Crowds" I cannot resist mentioning it here. A lovely
description of some of the group follies associated with the
introduction of paper monies, and some chapters on bogus science as

Amusing or disheartening depending on your anchoring.