Subject: Re: Why Open Source Sucks for the Consumer
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 21:22:05 -0700
Fri, 25 Aug 2000 21:22:05 -0700
On Fri, Aug 25, 2000 at 01:12:04PM -0400, Jean Camp wrote:
> Well I purchased a Dell box thinking that I could have the students do
> some analyses of costs so Imight advocate the adoption by the school
> You know, leadership and all that. That is right out.
> Why does Microsoft rule when the software is crap and tech support
> sucks?  Because you can get integrated tech support from one place
> with one credit card number. Because the time you waste looking at the
> blue screen of death is distributed across the lifetime of the machine
> and the time you waste with OS is at the beginning and the setup.
> I was totally psyched about the new Dell system and now I realize that
> there is NO WAY that I could recommend this to my coworkers. The
> support is too scattered. Nothing comes installed. there are not
> adequate packages for someone who wants the box to work out of the
> desktop. Microsoft may have been overly anal and used the desktop to
> leverage itself but RedHat ships what is effectively a door stop for
> most people. People want nice gui mail (POP client) and office to be
> there when they open the box. People want to be able to be transferred
> with the rep on the phone explaining to the next rep your problem. In
> theory a network of open source companies could do that. In practive
> the OS organizations provide the same phone mail and useless FAQ crap
> and vaporware as every other company.
> Linux is not only not ready for prime time its not even ready for
> pay-per-view.

With all due respect, Jean, how is the different from the standard "It's
too hard to install" rant?

I'll concede that a locally managed Linux desktop is probably both
overkill and overwhelming for the casual user.  Mac OS X should put to
lie the myth that users can't run Unix.  A thin-client desktop would
address serious problems with both Linux and the desktop personal PC
models.  Pre-installation should cover most of the issues you highlight
above.  And I'd still say that at the current state of the art, servers,
appliances, and technical workstations are probably a better fit for

...or am I missing the point?

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