Subject: Re: Why Open Source Sucks for the Consumer
From: Bob Young <>
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2000 14:57:59 -0400

> > Linux is not only not ready for prime time its not even ready for
> > pay-per-view.

Jean - this is not very much info.  Which release of Red Hat are you 
using?  Who did you attempt to reach for support?  How much money did 
you invest in purchasing Linux/support you need?  You have lots 
of Dos/Windows expertise (after 20 years we all do), what Linux expertise 
do you have available to you?

> With all due respect, Jean, how is the different from the standard "It's
> too hard to install" rant?
... I'd still say that at the current state of the art, servers,
> appliances, and technical workstations are probably a better fit for
> Linux.
> =2E..or am I missing the point?

Karsten,  You've got the point exactly.

Microsoft did not achieve their market position by convincing people 
to unplug VMS (RTOS?) from their Mini-computers in the late 70's.  They 
took advantage of the new computing platform in the 80's (the PC) and 
rode it to their current market position.

Linux is not, no matter how good it gets, going to displace Windows 
as the dominant OS on the PC.   The range of applications available 
for the Dos/Windows PC killed OS/2, it has limited the Mac's popularity, 
and it will ensure Linux cannot succeed in dethroning Windows on the PC.
(Not that it won't be fun trying.)

Our larger opportunity is to ride the Internet appliance (clients and 
servers), and the embedded systems market in general, into the future
of computing.

Cheers,   Bob.