Subject: Re: Revenue structure of US/global SW industry?
From: Frank Hecker <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 12:47:58 -0400 wrote:
> Does anyone know the revenue structure (distribution) of the US and/or
> global SW industry?

IDC publishes reports on this; the most recent one was "Packaged
Software: 1999 Worldwide Performance Preliminary Results", IDC Bulletin
#W21248, January 2000.

I can't forward you a copy of the report (which I got under the terms of
CollabNet's IDC subscription), but I can tell you that the top 20
software vendors accounted for almost half of all software-related
revenue worldwide, that Microsoft alone accounted for over a tenth
of all software-related revenue, and that Microsoft and IBM combined
accounted for over a fifth of of all software-related revenue.

Note also that accounting for "software revenue" is not necessarily
straightforward, especially with the move toward ASPs. IDC has another
document addressing how they classify and measure software-related
revenue and how they segment the software market; see "IDC's 2000
Software Market Taxonomy", IDC Report #W21644, February 2000.

See <> for information on how to purchase IDC
reports; basically you can pay per report or buy an annual subscription
to a set of reports.

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