Subject: Re: Why Open Source Sucks for the Consumer
From: "Jonathan S. Shapiro" <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 10:11:08 -0400

> I respectfully disagree.  The core UNIX API is tiny compared to the
> API.  It has shown sufficent flexibility to be employed in a truly vast
> of situations...

I agree that the Linux API is much smaller and has proven very flexible.
None of your examples address issues of basic configuration management, and
I suspect that this will be very difficult to achieve on Linux just as it
has been on Windows. People have been trying to accomplish it on UNIX since
the mid '70s with only limited success.

If you cannot do configuration management, it's very hard to get to a
hands-free administration box, because you are entirely clueless about
what's installed. It's especially hard in Linux, where there is a tradition
that both users and tools mung various configuration files. You need an
expert system to decide what has been done so you can re-apply it when the
system is upgraded.

> EROS is a specialty product.  EROS is clearly better than UNIX at what
> for:  securely running insecure applications.  It remains to be seen
> EROS is *enough* better at that than UNIX, and this probelm is important
> enough, for EROS to carve out a niche.

I agree completely, and I expect that it will depend greatly on (a) the
application, and (b) the amount of money I am able to cause to be brought to
bear on EROS-based development [directly or indirectly].