Subject: Re: OSS meets JavaScript?
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 17:56:10 -0400

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> >>>>> "Ben" == Ben Tilly <> writes:
>     Ben> However if Tim really wants to see OSS embrace the web as a
>     Ben> platform, this would be a very good first step to advocate.
> Or you could figure out just how many 000s after the $ it would take
> to get you to implement the idea you just outlined, and put an "ask"
> on sXc or Cosource.

$0,000,000?  Something looks funny about that... :-)

Seriously I have a job that pays well, gives me a lot of freedom (so
long as I keep getting good results), and allows me to stay by my wife
while she goes through medical school.  I would have to ask more than
I am worth to risk it, and I do not think that I have the background
to get it right.  I would be a bad choice for the above.

> Or Tim could take the RFP side of the market, either with your idea or
> something more vague.

That would make much more sense.

Or someone could produce this on the same terms as Zope.  If you are
in the business of producing websites for people, you likely have some
recycling you could do anyways...


PS Everyone enjoy the holiday weekend. :-)