Subject: arroz is arroz is arroz...
From: Rich Morin <>
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2000 02:22:43 -0700

At 9:27 PM -0700 9/1/00, Crispin Cowan wrote:
>I have been forecasting for about a year that in 2005, there will only be two
>operating systems that matter, and they will be *called* "Linux" and
>"Windows".  The one referred to as "Linux" may well contain a lot of
>BSD-originated technology, but if it isn't called "Linux", it won't matter.

Yep.  Reminds me of a comment Bill Joy made several years ago, to the effect
that he didn't know what Unix was going to look like in the future, but that
it would be _called_ System V.  (So much for predictions... :-)

I have been pondering the question of what to call the union of Unix and the
Open Source operating systems.  The best I've been been able to come up with,
given the fact that every vendor is drawing from many wells, is "Eclectix".

In any case, it doesn't much matter what it's called, as long as it really
works, my fingers still know how to work the keyboard, and the source code
is there for all of us to play with!

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