Subject: Re: Open POS Mailing list
From: Alessandro Rubini <>
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 19:14:29 +0200

>   * Tools -- Possible small projects that produce the tools needed
>     to build a POS system.  By tools, I am talking about pieces of
>     code that, for example, scan and translate barcodes.

A barcode scanner costs a few tens of dollars, and talks to either the
serial or keyboard port. No software is needed.

On the other hand, big laser scanners cost a lot more, and it would
make sense to replace them with a camera and some software. This is a
project I would like to endorse and include the results in GNU barcode
(which currently only prints barcodes).

Unfortunately, I have no resources to implement it and I found no
undergraduate in the vision lab of the local university. They are all
interested in "web and visual languages".

/alessandro, who won't subscribe to the new list.