Subject: Re: Dealing with the Open Source community
From: Ben Laurie <>
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2000 17:49:29 +0000

tony stanco wrote:
> >More and more "old guard" commercial software businesses are
> >trying to get into open source, pushing out their old software
> >or getting involved in development; publishers, support companies,
> >consultancy companies, recruitment agencies, and so on, are all getting
> >involved with the Open Source community.
> >And, on the whole, they're making a mess of it.
> Proprietary companies don't get it, because to really get it means
> self-destruction for them. There is an internal contradiction between
> proprietary and free software. Proprietary needs to divide and control
> developers, while free software unites and empowers them. Only one or the
> other can be the paradigm. Long-term, they can't co-exist. That is why at
> we have a goal of displacing the propreitary paradigm
> with a free one in the next 10 years. We only started a couple of months
> ago.

Hmm. So, you're using proprietary email yourself, and a non-GPL
webserver, scripted in a non-GPL language. Your mailing lists run on a
proprietary service scripted in another non-GPL language, also using a
non-GPL webserver. Most of these things are free, of course, but ...

Who was it that didn't get it again?




"There is no limit to what a man can do or how far he can go if he
doesn't mind who gets the credit." - Robert Woodruff