Subject: Re: Open source vs. Closed Source salaries?
From: Alex <xela@MIT.EDU>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 13:15:40 -0500

> Does anyone know what the median salary is for a full time programmer at
> the Free Software Foundation?  How many full-time programmers does the
> FSF employ?  Part time?

Everyone at the FSF is paid the same, always has been.  (Though 
I did hear a rumour a couple of years back that they'd started
paying the office staff --- the people who ship CDs, etc. ---
something like 80% of the standard salary).  Last time I knew what
it was (about 5 years ago), it was around $32k.  I've heard it
mentioned in the past few months; it was still in the 30s but I
don't recall exactly what.  So, less than half the datamation
survey's claimed average --- and this, mind you, in one of the
most expensive places to live in the country.


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