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Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 13:03:42 -0800
Sat, 30 Dec 2000 13:03:42 -0800
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> > Well, I'm interested in feedback on the arguments as well.  Hey,
> > Stephen, care to bash my head against *another* wall this week?
> My experience has been that in developing countries, it is difficult
> to promote Linux, because they say they have Windows for the same
> price (experience in Africa and Vietnam).  Often, people think that
> Linux must be a lower grade product since it is free, while Windows is
> a real bargain, since it is a valuable product they do not pay.  Since
> they cannot afford it anyway, there is no loss for Microsoft.
>    So piracy actually hurts free software more than proprietary
> software.

Another argument -- this from a friend with strong ties to the
Philippines, including GNU/Linux project work there -- is that much of
the talent from LDCs has already migrated toward higher wages in the US,
Japan, Australia, and/or Europe.  "Anyone who can read a plane ticket
has used it".  Those who are left behind tend toward the less
technically advanced options.

>    The same can be said for low income people in richer countries.
>    Also, for very expensive professional software, private piracy is a
> way of getting people trained who will then develop the market when
> they get employed.
>    One frequent remark made by free software companies is that free
> software is an efficient way of getting the marketing for free (and
> sell service or adjunct products).  For pirated proprietary software,
> there is a similar situation, and preservation of a market for a later
> time.
>    The case of China is interesting, they started supporting Linux
> when they started enforcing copyright, to better commerce with western
> countries.

Strong agreement, all points.

> One last point.  I did write to BSA, following one of their reports on
> piracy.  I said that their figures on piracy in each county were only
> estimates.  On the other hand, I assumed they had very precise figures
> on actual litigation of piracy, on the number of law suits in each
> country and the amounts of piracy involved in each (since it is their
> job to begin with).  I was told that these statistics did not exist !
>   I drew my own conclusions.

Most interesting.  Thanks.

>   (I can probably retrieve these mails, given enough time)
> Happy Holidays
> Bernard

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