From: Rich Morin <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 23:48:53 -0800

The article (GPL'd Code Finds New Home) starts out a bit ugly:

   A few days ago, we were contacted by one of the developers of Everybuddy,
   a "universal" instant messenger client for Linux. It seems that they were
   scoping out the competition, and found a Windows-only program offered by
   a company called DSF Internet. Many users of Everybuddy had asked for a
   Windows version of the software, but none of the Everybuddy developers
   were very familiar with the Windows platform, and so a port had never
   been completed. This program, MessengerA2Z, seemed to offer all the
   functionality of Everybuddy forWindows machines. Probably because it was
   based on Everybuddy's GPL'd code.

But it ends on a positive note:

   About five minutes before this story went live, I heard back from Ben Rigas
   of Everybuddy that DSF Internet is going to do the Right Thing and post the
   source code to their messenger program. This is excellent news, and hopefully
   will result in a robust cross-platform instant messenger program. However, I
   think the point I made above still stands: there will be cases where
   persuasion doesn't work, and the community should have a plan for dealing
   with those (even if the plan is "do nothing").

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