Subject: Re: The Declaration of Software Freedom
From: "tony stanco" <>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 22:07:03

Lessig's book is the model for the idea. I emailed Lessig a few days ago, 
but I haven't heard from him yet. (He usually takes a week or so). Zittrain 
responded already and liked it.

Anyway, the more original idea is the new commercial organization promised 
in the Declaration that we are working on, eg. "The Community is the 
Company." We expect to release that in the coming weeks.

BTW. I just got back from the Microsoft appeal and I believe that we can 
forget about any more help from the government. The court was very skeptical 
on a number of issues and gave indications that they will overturn even some 
findings of facts, which is highly unusual. I would forget about the 
break-up remedy. I believe that's dead. They may support some watered-down 
conduct sanctions, but we know how useful that was in the past. Brace for a 
re-invigorated Microsoft. Also, if the appellate court reverses or remands, 
expect the new Bush Administration to settle fast, so this never gets to the 
Supreme Court. A market solution is the only thing that will work. It all 
comes down to free software, I think, to stop Microsoft even more 
aggressively leveraging the desktop into everything now.

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From: Michael Tiemann <>
To: tony stanco <>
Subject: Re: The Declaration of Software Freedom
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 07:24:13 -0500

A good start.  Since Lawrence Lessig was one of the first to
authoritatively address the issue of code as law (I used that analogy back
in 1988, but I was not a legal expert), I'd suggest getting Lawrence to
help on both the explanation and the declaration itself.


tony stanco wrote:
 > Please sign The Declaration of Software Freedom at
 > . RMS
 > is the first signatory. The Declaration was written
 > by a number of us at FreeDevelopers, with substantial
 > re-writes by RMS. There is also an explanation on, Why
 > FreeDevelopers.Net used the Declaration of Independence
 > as the model for the Declaration of Software Freedom: Is
 > software Law or Literature?
 > In the coming weeks we will be unveiling the new form
 > of commercial organization for software development
 > promised in the Declaration.
 > best regards,
 > tony
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