Subject: Who is Leon Stambler?
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 16:47:23 -0500

And what is the status of his many lawsuits?

Leon Stambler has a list of patents he claims in the US related to online
cryptographic transactions.  In a brief search I turned up US patents
5524073, 5555303, 5646998, 5793302, 5936541 and 5974148.  What he has done
is not patent the encryption mechanism, but rather he has patented the
basic handshake you need in a transaction where both sides authenticate
themselves to each other.  Any useful cryptographic transaction needs to
use some sort of handshake, so he can claim that his patents cover SSL,
SET, and so on.  He is contacting and threatening people and companies
based on this.

I cannot believe that these would stand up in court, and I am amazed that I
hadn't heard of this guy before.  A standard search turned up very little
as well.  A couple of lines in Crypto-Gram, a couple of mails on a firewall
list, that kind of thing.

However we have a client who has had a brush with him, and wants us to sign
a legal indemnification.  So I am wondering if anyone has more background
on him, knows whether any cases went to court, that kind of thing.

Also how has he managed to threaten people with lawsuits, yet still avoid
wider publicity?