Subject: Russ Nelson, schemer
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 25 Mar 1997 22:14:26 -0000

I thought I'd bring you-all up to date on my various free software

  o Packet drivers are still generating some income; sadly I get the
    most income from the one driver that I have held proprietary.
    I've still got a support contract with Intel, but that will
    probably lapse at the end of the year.  SMC's lapsed in January
    and they haven't noticed.  :(
  o My idea to write a driver and become a hardware reseller hasn't
    worked out mostly because the product has gone off the market.
  o A good shot for the future, which is growing in volume, is selling
    qmail support.  More on that below.

My latest scheme is to sell support for free software (duh!).  Not
software that I've written, but software written by someone else who
is not interested in providing commercial support.  There's a mailing
list, which is essential for locating customers.  I have been fairly
active on the mailing list -- mostly demonstrating my experise, but
occasionally my foolishness:).  It's the former that's key.  I mention
that I sell qmail support whenever the question comes up.  I also
mention, when I write a little shell or perl script that someone has
asked for, that the script is not guaranteed, but that a guarantee is
for sale.

I've gotten eight customers this way, a US$thousand or so from each.
It's not a full-time business yet, but there are a lottalotta sendmail
systems that need to be running qmail.

-russ <>
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