Subject: Re: [Freesw] Re: FreeDevelopers
From: Nick Jennings <>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 14:41:49 -0800

On Fri, Mar 23, 2001 at 05:17:37PM -0500, wrote:
> I actually have a Socratic streak, which likes to tweak people's complacency. 
> Truth seldom lies on the surface. People who can't get passed the Windows/AOL 
> are not looking for truth, only easy answers. 

   I am not looking for easy answers, I am not looking for answers. I did
   "get past" the Windows/AOL thing when i joined FD in November! 

   After my valid concerns were ignored and other posts reject by you
   (when you started moderating the main list) for NO valid reason
   other then I should have posted it to whatever "sub-list of the day"
   that was "where the main discussions are happening". I began to realize
   how completely futile it was to try to voice my opinion. I also realized
   before this, that the FD lists (depending on which list you were on) where
   either dead or full of completely sparatic postings completely unrealted
   to each other. You want some adive: re-organize.

   Get a server, put domain on it, host the website there.
   host the mailing lists there.

   re-organize the mailing list structure:
      what the hell is all this: fd-structure1 fd-structure2 fd fd-democracy
      fd-it blah blah blah. MESSY 
   You claim you have "hundreds of developers" behind this initiative. That
   is a LIE Tony! Only a very select group of people are the only ones 
   continuing a related topic thread on your lists. Most of the people
   subscribed have no idea whats going on. 

   You mentioned on a previous post you wish to learn something from
   these discussions. I urge you to take what I am saying for what it 

      A Free Software Hacker, seeing FD, thinking "Wow, _sounds_ cool". 
      Going to the site, seeing a harribly messy, unorganized site, with
      topica mailing lists. After viewing topica's main site, cringing.
      Joining the lists anyways. Seeing the Leader posting about
      Battling proprietary software like it's life or death yet sending
      these valiant posts from his Windows/AOL box. Seeing chaos on
      the lists. Sifting through garbage trying to find direction, failing.
      Trying to check out the other, completely unintuitively named 
      sub-lists, and ending up just being lost as to what the HELL you 
      are trying to do. 

      Seeing this all go NOWHERE! You desperately need to rethink what
      you say is "surface". You are stepping into a leadership role!
      If ANYONE Is going to be judged from surface items, it's you, 
      and you need to accept this, bite the bullet, and live by your
      dramatic rhetoric! you might be taken more seriously.

      Or you could continue to chalk it up as "simple people, unable
      to look past the surface to see 'my real substance'" ... HA!

> Of course, look where the Socratic streak got Socrates ;-)  Still, it has a 
> good pedigree.

   Don't flatter yourself. It's bad form.

  Nick Jennings            |  "Laugh, and the world ignores you.   |    Crying doesn't help either."