Subject: Looking for ELJ authors
From: (Phil Hughes)
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 09:00:44 -0700 (PDT)

Just realized there are probably some people on this list doing embedded
work that might be interested in writing articles for Embedded Linux
Journal.  And some that would like to receive it for free.

First, if you are working in embedded systems or plan to be, and live in
North America, you can get a free subscription to ELJ.  It's controlled
circulation (like Electronic Design, ...).  You can check out some
articles on-line and even subscribe at

That said, I continue to look for articles.  One specific one I am
looking for is something explaining why the GPL is not a horrible
disease that will infect all your embedded systems.  We covered this in
Linux Journal five or six years ago but many of the embedded people are
new to Linux and they need to hear the argument.  The discussion about
Microsoft FUD on this list inspired me to post the question here.
I have asked one person if he is interested in writing it but haven't
hear back.  If you are interested in writing this (or another article)
you can e-mail me at

As for "other articles" I am specifically shopping in two areas: 
  * Success stories -- cases where Embedded Linux (or any Open Source
    OS was used.  The story should talk about why it was selected, what
    hurdles were involved and what came out the other end.
  * HowTos -- many of our readers are new to Linux but know embedded,
    the rest are new to embedded but know Linux.  Any tutorial sort of
    article that helps people get up to speed is desirable.

Like with the early days of Linux Journal where evangalism was the
primary goal, ELJ is doing that now in the embedded market.  So, if you
want to help, let me know.  The advantages are: a chance to plug
something you believe in, some fame and a little bit of fortune.
   Phil Hughes 
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