Subject: Re: Apple and Open Source
From: Rich Morin <>
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 00:39:32 -0700

At 12:10 AM +0100 5/3/01, Simon Cozens wrote:
>It's not just me, then:

I generally agree with Brian's comments;
here is the response I sent to Evan...

>I, too, would like to see Apple open up more of its software and interfaces.
>I would also like to see them adopt a license that is more compatible with
>Open Source, or better, Free Software.  Apple also needs to respect terms
>like Open Source (and UNIX :-) and avoid claiming to be what they are not.
>On the other hand, none of this makes Apple a "Black Hole".  If they used
>free software and didn't give back changes, your accusation would have some
>merit, but that is not the case.  Apple has given back assorted changes to
>the BSD community and is working with assorted Open Source projects on a
>cooperative basis.
>The fact they have some proprietary aspects and some (nearly) open source
>aspects is well-understood by everyone involved; you don't have to like it,
>but it doesn't make them a Black Hole, any more than similar arrangements
>do for other vendors (e.g., IBM, Sun, ...).

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