Subject: Re: Apple and Open Source (in private)
From: Craig Brozefsky <>
Date: 04 May 2001 14:33:26 -0500

Craig Brozefsky <> writes:

Woowoo!  Gnus complications and improper header editing.

Sorry guys.  Well, at least I was being freindly.  Let's consider this
a public apology to Stephen and the list at large for the flame wars I
participated in last year, as well as some on topic FSB discussion and
some reading reccomendations.

Both of the books I mention below, in particular Jussawalla's survey,
are good reads.  One thing about the Jussawalla that I dug is that it
presents a fairly balanced account of 1992 IP law, as well as a short
history of the various global organizations attempting to unify IP law
around the globe.  It's bibliography is very valuable as well since it
has references to alot of economic arguments/essays that we see
rehashed on this list and elsewhere quite frequently.

> Craig Brozefsky <> writes:
> <in private>
> Hey Stephen, I now we've gotten into some flame wars in the past, but
> I wanted to let you know that in this thread I have no intention of
> continuing those, and I would appreciate your commentary or correction
> of my assumptions, reasoning here.  One of the things I've been
> thinking about is how to better tie the costs of software to the labor
> it takes to develop and support it.  It's something that my own
> company is dealing with at the moment in trying to come up with a
> pricing model for our software package (large parts of it are
> available as Free Software).
> Also, on your advice from a year or so ago, I started doing more
> reading in economics.  I'm reading "Economics: A New Introduction" by
> Hugh Stretton presently, and have also read some works on the economic
> issues of Intellectual Property specifically, such as "The Economics
> of Intellectual Property in a World Without Frontiers" by Meheroo
> Jussawalla.  

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