Subject: Re: Quote of the day
From: Seth David Schoen <>
Date: Sun, 6 May 2001 00:26:34 -0700 writes:

> Quote of the day:
> 	The minute you give one professor the keys to
> 	the kingdom, you're going to be ransacked.
> 		- Jack Valenti, in a speech claiming
> 		  that DeCSS is terrorware.

If you saw that quoted in my message on interesting-people, please
note that Valenti's speech is distinct from Alter's court arguments.
Valenti didn't advance the idea that DeCSS was like a terrorist
weapon, but he does say that it's like a lock pick, or a tool for
committing burglaries.

Alter's statements seem more extreme than Valenti's, in this case.

The "keys to the kingdom" was quoted in a few places at the time,
explaining why Valenti was afraid of research exemptions to the DMCA.
It is true that professors usually like to publish their results, and,
in the computing world, even reference implementations.

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