Subject: Re: Proprietary but flexible licenses.
From: Adam Theo <>
Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 03:18:03 -0400

thank you, mr self.

    For general discussion, license-discuss.  Though you'll find many of the
    same people, and much the same attitude, there.  Specifically,
    license-discuss is geared around the discussion of free software
    licenses, which what you're suggesting is not.  Interest in your issues
    will be limited.

yes, i understand i'm not going to find much on what i want to do,
probably making a few people wonder why i want to do this instead of
open source. so i'll just consult a lawyer, if i can find one i feel
knows software issues, as well as continue to educate myself on
existing licenses, such as the SCSL. thank you for the links, they are
going to come in very useful.

    Note that the suggestion to look at Microsoft's current "Shared
    Source" (again, a gross misnomer, I am actively soliciting
    preferred terms for this, "software porn" comes to mind, again,
    it's pretty much a striptease) for inspiration is made with a
    strong pejorative bent.  This is not an encouraged strategy.

i've since taken a look at microsoft's "shared source" startegy, and
agree. it is a striptease. it seems nothing more than them continuing
to tightly hold onto their hidden code, while only releasing the
source (and then, maybe not even all of it, am i correct?) to certain
peoples (research institutions, schools, developers,
etc...). definately *not* what i am looking for in my own projects. i
like the 'openess' of open source (everyone can see what they're about
to use, and even modify it for their own purposes), but just not the
'freedom' of it (i support IP rights in general, and think authors
should be able to charge for and control their works), if that makes
any sense at all. but as i said, i have many more projects planned
that i want to release under full open source (not sure i like the
drawbacks of the GPL, but the BSD styles i like).

thank you all for your time and help.
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