Subject: Re: Opportunity lost? Challenge declined!?
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 09 May 2001 13:41:37 -0700 writes:

> The thread begun by Adam Theo represented both an opportunity and a challenge
> to this group.  One that so far has been squandered, yet may still be redeemed.
> ...
> 1.  To brainstorm for solutions to allow developers to be compensated for
> their development work.

People who have been on the group for a long time have done this sort
of thing many times.  See the archives:

It's true that we probably assume that somebody who walks in is
already aware of the arguments we have been through so many times.  As
seen by your posting, that assumption is a mistake.

> How does a developer that wants to invest his time developing, get compensated
> in the open source arena?
> 1.  The income level must be comparable to other opportunities in the market
> place.
> 2.  The individual does not need to be a world renowned expert on the topic/software.

Much the way it works in any other area: start by teaming up with
somebody with marketing and business knowledge.

Alternatively, developers who do not do this can make money by
consulting (this require a modicum of business knowledge).  It is
possible to consult on free software projects; our host, Russell
Nelson, serves as an example, and there are many others.

Trying to write your own software and sell it without marketing and
business knowledge will most likely fail your first requirement above.