Subject: Re: Opportunity lost? Challenge declined!?
From: Adam Theo <>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 07:23:02 -0400

Ian Lance Taylor <> wrote:
    I was clearly in a slightly grumpy mode earlier today.  I'm going to
    write a slightly different reply.

unfortunately, i just sent off my (very long) reply to this thread
just before recieving this amended reply. no worries, hopefully. i
don't think i was too harsh on you  :)   can't be sure, though, since
i just spent about 6 hours composing that damned thing..., (no joke,
it's 7:00 in the morning now, only an hour after i last looked at the
clock and it said 2:00 am.), and not to mention i'm mis-typing a *lot&
of words right now. fingers seems to be 2 inches thick each (yep, just
had to re-type that entire sentence about 6 times very
carefully.). oh, right. i'm kind of tired.

*sigh* anyway... about what i have so far:

2 programs, both in version 2.00 (which is when i decided i would try
and make some money off them). one is an alarm clock program written
in perl, the other, a timer/stop watch program, also in perl. both now
allow for multiple alarms/timers going on at the same time, and both
use an xml config file to store information. v1.00's just were basic
little things, not much. now that i have something i'm not entirely
ashamed of, thought about trying to sell them for about $3 each or
something small like that...

damn, i'm tired. sorry, folks. i'm going to have to end this
quick. i'm now at the point the previous sentance didn't make a damned
bit of sense to me when i tried to re-read it.

i'll pick this up on the flip-side.  *night...
or morning... *groan*...

*oh* and i have work today.... oh, but it's now the 10th. good news is
 i get to change my o'reilly safari subscription today....
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