Subject: Re: Opportunity lost? Challenge declined!?
From: Steve Mallett <>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 18:53:43 -0300

On Thursday 10 May 2001 16:42, Casey West wrote:
> On Thu, May 10, 2001 at 08:10:24AM -0300, Steve Mallett wrote:
> : [snip]
> :
> : "Stephen J. Turnbull" wrote:
> : > True, there is a need.  But should serving that need be in the charter
> : > of this list?  Especially when their goal is almost certainly not
> : > "free," and never will be?  I think that the problem of running a
> : > business based on free (by the strict definition) software is
> : > interesting, important, and relevant to enough developers to deserve
> : > its own list. That's what FSB is, right?
> : >
> : > We need a separate list for the purpose of encouraging movement toward
> : > openness by people who are starting from proprietary.  I wish the term
> : > "open source" hadn't been coopted as a marketing ploy.  It's the
> : > perfect name: "Open Source Software Business."  Maybe "Published Source
> : > Software Business" is a good enough alternative?
> :
> : As a lurker on this list I think there may be some merit to the idea of
> : a seperate list for handholding.  If I'm not out of line here, I find
> : this list (for as long as I've been monitoring it) most adapt at harsh?
> : and critical analysis of current events & issues and sometimes each
> : other.  A good thing.
> :
> : Forgive the analogy, but perhaps with a new handholding/education
> : focused list those coming from the proprietary world would have a more
> : positive experience with a retail (How can we help you?) vs boardroom
> : list.
> It's working for Perl.  Recently the list was
> conceived and it has been wildly successful.  The community has done
> an amazing job at putting the flame throwers away and taking time go
> give back to their trade.  I'm aware than many aspects of Open Source
> could use this type of shift in attitude toward the new commer.
> : The newbies are coming....
> Yes, don't send them running, as Tim put it so well.  If it takes a
> separate list and a small but dedicated few, so be it.

Well, if crynwr/Russell isn't interested in hosting/being responsible for 
another list I'd be pleased to offer my hardware/bandwidth/time.  I'm not 
much of a representative myself so...its what I can do instead of nothing.

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